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Restorative Car & Metal Sandblasting

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Person Sandblasting - Car Sandblasting

Restore your vital surfaces to like-new condition with car and metal sandblasting from our company in Dallas, Texas. In business for more than 47 years, Able Sandblasting has the capability to blast any surface you bring us. For most jobs, we utilize sand, however, compounds work best for some projects.

What Is Sandblasting

Sandblasting is a process that applies high-velocity force directly to the surface of any given object to essentially blast very small pieces of material. The method thoroughly cleans, etches, and smoothes all types of surfaces, including those for:

• Household Items, Such as
  Patio Furniture
• Car Bodies (Prior to Painting)
• Manufacturing Implements
Contact our company in Dallas, Texas, to increase the life and effectiveness of your machinery and tools with our metal and car sandblasting.